Curty Pictures Website

Scott Curty is the man behind Curty Pictures, LLC. His company provides freelance video production services to agencies and corporations that are in need of an experienced professional with a proven record.

Fresh off a branding project, Scott turned to Tara Hoover Design to help him develop a website that fit his needs—and budget. He wanted a website that showcased his new professional look but didn’t have the resources for custom development or regular maintenance. As a small business owner, Scott has to wear many hats, but being a web developers wasn’t one of them. The Squarespace platform proved to be the perfect fit, giving him a professionally designed website that’s easy to maintain and didn’t break the bank. Design customizations gave the site a unique look that showcased his video work and key elements of his brand.

Tara Hoover Design provided the following services: website design and Squarespace platform customizations

Tools Used

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator