Curty Pictures Branding

Scott Curty is the man behind Curty Pictures, LLC. His company provides freelance video production services to agencies and corporations that are in need of an experienced professional with a proven record. Scott prides himself on his visual creativity and dedication to the craft of storytelling on each project. He had his mission statement ready to go, but what about a logo? What colors would represent his company? If he was selling himself as an experience professional, his brand needed to communicate this same message.

Scott looked to Tara Hoover Design for a logo that conveyed professionalism and strength with a dose of fun to reflect his personality. He also needed a version that would serve as an icon to identify all of his equipment. The result was a simple, clean design with bold elements referencing a photographic frame. The abbreviated “CP” looks great on his equipment and as his profile picture on social media channels.

Tara Hoover Design provided the following services: logo, brand manual and business card design.

Tools Used

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign