AMP Business Interiors, Inc. Website

AMP Business Interiors is an office furniture dealer providing design, space planning, installation and facility management services to help clients achieve their project goals. To target the right clients and secure future business growth, AMP’s online presence needed an overhaul. A new website was essential in communicating their message to the right audience—one that showcased both the practical and creative design solutions offered to clients on a regular basis.

AMP’s new website features a mobile-friendly, responsive design showcasing professional photography of modern furniture and creative spaces. Bright colors and a clean, simplistic layout set the stage for unique design elements and subtle animations.

The site utilizes Webflow CMS and showcases a product gallery with regular articles on new furniture and styles. These articles are based on AMP’s current newsletter, giving the recipient a click-through destination and search engines a keyword-rich page to index. It’s a great example of taking current content and making it work in brand new ways. The Webflow platform allows for easy on-page editing making regular updates a breeze—with zero coding required. In addition, it also allows for up to three collaborators to gain access so multiple people can participate in the process.

Once the site was live, Tara Hoover Design setup a MailChimp account for AMP and designed email newsletter templates for ongoing communication and a cohesive look.

Tara Hoover Design provided the following services: website design and development, photo retouching, email newsletter design, MailChimp training

Tools Used

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom
  • Illustrator